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Open 24/7 - 365 days

Large, Medium and Small Lockers!

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How it Works

Select the green button on the screen to book a locker and accept Terms & Conditions

Pay with Card or coins. The first payment covers the first two hours of deposit. Additional hours will be charged at pick up for a maximum equal to daily fee

Create a pin code easy to remember and insert your e-mail

Keep the receipt for your transaction

Sizes & Price

Large Locker

Four trolleys / Two Suitcases & One Bag

2 hrs6.00 Eur
3 hrs8.50 Eur
4 hrs11.50 Eur
5 hrs13.50 Eur
6 hrs15.00 Eur
7 hrs16.50 Eur
24 hrs17.00 Eur
+1 day11.00 Eur

Medium Locker

Two Trolleys

2 hrs4.00 Eur
3 hrs5.50 Eur
4 hrs7.00 Eur
5 hrs8.50 Eur
6 hrs10.00 Eur
7 hrs11.50 Eur
24 hrs12.00 Eur
+1 day8.00 Eur

small Locker

Keys, Books, Small Items – Balluta Beach Lockers

1 day
2.00 Eur

** for long term storage, please call us or send an enquiry via email: info@maltalockers.com

Where We Are

We are located in St. Julians, right in Balluta Bay!

48 George Borg Olivier St, St Julian's STJ 1017, Malta

Bus stop BALLUTA


To/From the Airport


About us

We are the only luggage storage locker service in Malta open 24/7. We are located in St Julians, right in Balluta Bay. We are open 365 days a year and you can drop off your luggage, bags, items and enjoy freely the time on the island after check-out or before to check-in the flat. Also, you can just go for a day on the sea leaving your bags in our medium lockers. Our store is only 30m away from Balluta Bay’s sandy beach. We have the best prices and security systems. We have key deposit management that makes it easy to deliver the keys to guests.

Why use our lockers

Luggage storage for check-in/check-out of your apartment

Keys deposit with management system

Pick up point - deliver your items to someone else sharing privately the pincode

Swim freely in Balluta Bay

Deposit your personal belongings safely for only 2.00 Eur!


Safely leave you luggage with us while you enjoy your stay in Malta!